Consulting is more than giving advice

Mediasei starts in 1997 in order to assist accounting firms with tax and accountancy data-processing and financial advisory services. Now, with a team of 10 consultants, we help our clients develop new strategies, improve efficiency and uncover their key strategic themes. We partner them all with entrepreneurial thinking to best address markets with their unique solution to the business challenges we uncover. Whether a start-up or an established business, our management specialists will assist you in the achievement of your goals and objectives.

Launch your startup

We help our clients shape their strategic vision. Our approach is tailor-made to your context, needs and preferences.

Grow your business

We work with you, using tried and tested methods developed from years of hands-on experience to deliver efficient and consistent results.

Explore global market

We assist companies to support their process of entry or development in foreign markets.

Make it happen

We identify the best funding strategy for the development of your company and start innovation projects.





By your side,

to make change happen.

We immerse ourselves in your business and use our experience and thought leadership to develop pragmatic solutions. We work hands-on with our clients to drive and execute transformation, helping them to thrive in a world where customers and shareholders constantly demand more.